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Tai Chi Chuan, Chen style - the oldest "internal" martial arts style, the most entertaining and effective in combat use. Extremely effective for gaining indestructible health, harmony, balance at any age and for real self-defense.

Hard Qigong "Iron Shirt" - a method of strengthening the body and mind, nurturing energy, space and achieve the unity of man, methods of gaining incredible physical abilities. Without qigong impossible any significant progress in the martial art. Technique "iron shirt" - reliable protection against any physical, mental, emotional and energetic influences.

Tai Chi Chuan, Shen style - combining work with internal energy (nei-chi) with elements of external rigidity and speed, is also the art of attack and defense. Serious attention is paid to work with acupuncture points and channels that has beneficial effects on health, prolongs life and has a rejuvenating effect. Shen Tai Chi - a collection of ancient the most effective methods and techniques of internal fighting and self-healing.

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