24.02.2017 New group spring 2017

Welcome to the new group, the beginning of classes in the middle on March 2017.

Classes two times a week in the evening in the center of Moscow.

Join by calling us at 8-962-975-8652 contact number where you will be informed in detail about everything. Age, health, and level of training is not a big deal.

The first lesson - free of charge. The program includes the study of Taijiquan (styles Chen and Shen) and hard qigong (first level - "Iron Shirt").

We invite everyone who wants to improve their health, to find young, fit, confident, improve combat training, as well as discover their inexhaustible source of energy that helps overcome the stress of modern life.

Teacher - Boyko Boris.

Information and entry: 8-962-975-8652

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